1 The Yellow Bar_140x140_oil canvas_20171 The Yellow Bar_140x140_oil canvas_2017 2 The Blue Bar_140x140_oil canvas_20172 The Blue Bar_140x140_oil canvas_2017 3 Laura_140x140_oil canvas_20173 Laura_140x140_oil canvas_2017 30 Montecitorio_140x140cm_oil canvas_201730 Montecitorio_140x140cm_oil canvas_2017 31 Aeroplanes_140x140cm_oil canvas_201731 Aeroplanes_140x140cm_oil canvas_2017 32 Buses_140x140_oil canvas_201732 Buses_140x140_oil canvas_2017 33 Suore_140x140_oil canvas_201633 Suore_140x140_oil canvas_2016 34 Via Fani_140x140_oil on canvas_201534 Via Fani_140x140_oil on canvas_2015 35 SPQR_140x140_oil canvas_201535 SPQR_140x140_oil canvas_2015 36 Napoli_140x140_oil canvas_201636 Napoli_140x140_oil canvas_2016 37 Bandol_140x140_oil canvas_201637 Bandol_140x140_oil canvas_2016 38 Ceremony_140x140cm_oil spray canvas_201738 Ceremony_140x140cm_oil spray canvas_2017 39 Kasias Place_140x140_oil canvas_201739 Kasias Place_140x140_oil canvas_2017 40 Lisbon_140x140_oil canvas_201740 Lisbon_140x140_oil canvas_2017 41 Waiting Room_140x140_oil canvas_201741 Waiting Room_140x140_oil canvas_2017 42 Via del Paradiso_140x140_oil canvas_201542 Via del Paradiso_140x140_oil canvas_2015 51 Balloon Liftoff_140x140_oil canvas_201451 Balloon Liftoff_140x140_oil canvas_2014 52 Seaside_140x140_oil canvas_201452 Seaside_140x140_oil canvas_2014 53 Submarine_140x140-oil canvas_201453 Submarine_140x140-oil canvas_2014 54 Why Not_140x140cm_oil on canvas_201554 Why Not_140x140cm_oil on canvas_2015 55 On Board_140x140cm_oil on canvas_201555 On Board_140x140cm_oil on canvas_2015 56 My Room_140x140_oil canvas_201456 My Room_140x140_oil canvas_2014 57 Ships_140x140_oil on canvas_201557 Ships_140x140_oil on canvas_2015 58 Road_140x140cm_oil on canvas_201558 Road_140x140cm_oil on canvas_2015 60 My Living Room_90x90_oil canvas_201560 My Living Room_90x90_oil canvas_2015 61 Les Serveuses_90x90_oil canvas_201561 Les Serveuses_90x90_oil canvas_2015 63 Porto Ercole_90x90_oil canvas_201563 Porto Ercole_90x90_oil canvas_2015 64 Portimao_90x90_oil canvas_201464 Portimao_90x90_oil canvas_2014 65 Worlds End_90x90_oil canvas_201665 Worlds End_90x90_oil canvas_2016 66 Aruba_90x90_oil canvas_201466 Aruba_90x90_oil canvas_2014 67 Ferragudo_90x90_oil canvas_201467 Ferragudo_90x90_oil canvas_2014 68 Hook van Holland _90x90_oil canvas_201468 Hook van Holland _90x90_oil canvas_2014 69 Piazza di Roma_90x90_oil canvas_201469 Piazza di Roma_90x90_oil canvas_2014 70 Amsterdam 1_98x87_oil canvas_201370 Amsterdam 1_98x87_oil canvas_2013 81 Buenos Aires_120x140_oil canvas_201381 Buenos Aires_120x140_oil canvas_2013 82 Morskie Oko_120x140_oil canvas_201382 Morskie Oko_120x140_oil canvas_2013 83 Heart of Darkness_120x140_oil canvas_201383 Heart of Darkness_120x140_oil canvas_2013 84 Ubi Leones_120x140_oil canvas_201384 Ubi Leones_120x140_oil canvas_2013 90 Submarine_30x30_oil pastel on paper_201490 Submarine_30x30_oil pastel on paper_2014 91 Via Appia_30x30_oil pastel on paper_201491 Via Appia_30x30_oil pastel on paper_2014 92 Trees_30x30_oil pastel on paper_201492 Trees_30x30_oil pastel on paper_2014 93 My Room_30x30_oil pastel on canvas_201493 My Room_30x30_oil pastel on canvas_2014 94 Ferry_30x30_oil pastel on paper_201694 Ferry_30x30_oil pastel on paper_2016 95 Napoli_30x30_oil pastel on paper_201695 Napoli_30x30_oil pastel on paper_2016 96 Spinaceto - Pensavo Peggio_30x30_oil pastel on paper_201596 Spinaceto - Pensavo Peggio_30x30_oil pastel on paper_2015 97 Road_30x30_oil pastel on paper_201597 Road_30x30_oil pastel on paper_2015 101 Video_35s_Bananas_2017101 Video_35s_Bananas_2017 102 Video_70s_Malecon_2017102 Video_70s_Malecon_2017 103 Video_45s_Breakfast_2017103 Video_45s_Breakfast_2017